Picture Perfect

When I was a toddler my parents clicked every good moment they could capture. Unfortunately the law of nature doesn’t allow us to remain toddlers forever. School time came and I grew older. T…

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Picture Perfect

When I was a toddler my parents clicked every good moment they could capture. Unfortunately the law of nature doesn’t allow us to remain toddlers forever. School time came and I grew older. The number of photographic memories of that phase are few because like every teenager I was possessed with a strong dislike for my features. No matter which side of the face I put forward in the mirror, I would be consistently dissatisfied. Nevertheless I would continue looking into the mirror and will it to make me look good. Then the realization struck. I realized that the mirror will make me look good the moment when I want it to. When i manage to convince myself that I look great whichever way I am, my mirror would befriend me. So that’s exactly what I did. By the time I was in college and some time had passed, I stopped making comparisons with others. It became more important to feel beautiful rather than look attractive. And that self-satisfaction brought a natural inner glow for which I needed no beauty regimen. The joyousness of life now not only brightens me but also my day. So relax, breathe easy and most importantly, love yourself. Untill you believe you are beautiful you can never truly become beautiful.

The credit for making me look good goes entirely to my two friends. Sombit Mukherjee for being a brilliant photographer and Priyakshi Ghoshal for being a part of the wonderful evening at Leisure Valley and making it memorable by constantly making us laugh.

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When you are happy and you know it!

This project started out when I sat down with my cloth bag where I keep all new and old and used cloth materials. From there i found a red printed cloth which I had bought for a college project and I had used only a part of it. I decided I will make a nice top out of it. But the cloth was not enough for a hip level top. I only had enough for a crop top. So I sat down to make a pattern out of brown paper (a pre requisite for well-shaped garments). It took about half an hour. After that came cutting the garment. It’s a part of garment making I dislike the most because at home i don’t have a big enough table. Once the cutting was over, I placed my sewing machine on the table and went on with it. Once completed it looked great! And since it was my size ( an advantage of making your own clothes) it had a perfect fit. So I congratulated myself for a job well done. Now when I wore the top, the fit was great but it was too short to be worn outside. So what was to be done then?

I went back to my cloth bag! And i was so delighted to find so much of black raw silk that had been lying uselessly for so long..Made a box pleated skirt out of it! The final part was the top and skirt attachment. Added a zip and TADA! Ready it was for trial! This is how it came out!





What’s in?


Short trousers whose length may vary from knee to an inch above the ankle are usually considered difficult to pair with tops.

Culottes have been trending since 2015 and the variety is huge. The vary in sizes, flares and colors. The best part about this garment is that they are pants that look like skirts. So it is hassle free without sitting issues and at the same time, its loose and airy. Comfort mixed with style!

A lot of Indian women find it difficult to style themselves in culottes.

Some of the ways in which you can wear these pretty pants are


Style a pair of culottes with a same colored top. The preferable colours would be pastel hues. Lets say pastel blue or green! That is Indian skin tone friendly. For some one who is short and heavy this matching style can make them look taller and slimmer. Wear light matching jewels and you are ready to go..

_________________________culottes same



Denim Culottes

Don’t fear the short length. Denim Culottes look really cool when teamed up with a casual top and white canvas shoes or sandals. Its easy-going if you want a relaxed look.

culottes denim


Culottes with a CROP TOP

It is always safe to opt for a svelte and sophisticated pair of high waisted culottes, in darker shades along with an equally sophisticated crop top in a lighter shade. Make sure that this attire is paired up with a nice heels so that the entire look makes an impression of refinement.

culottes crop top

Delightful Prints!

Printed culottes can be classified into two types. The first one is the fun and spunky printed ones with graphic prints. These give a very casual look for shopping with your girl gang or a coffee date. The other type are the checked or striped printed culottes. These can be more of a semi-casual or formal type when teamed with a plain blouse.

printed culottes

culottes striped

Culottes With A Bow Tied At The Waist

A smart way of putting a pair of culottes is with a Blouse tucked in and adding a hanging bow of the same color as that of the culottes on the side. It definitely has a classy appeal to it.

bow culottes

What’s With Life?

When I go out in the car, I feel disturbed. The traffic gets on my nerves and in the past few years it has got into my nerves. People are honking, they are angry and agitated. The concrete jungle has taken away what I used to cherish during my growing years. The fresh air, the calmness of the place, the innocence of the mind and the easy paced and content life that have all vanished now. Everyone is in a hurry. It’s almost as if we are rushing towards death. Everyone is in some sort of race to win. So many things to desire. So much to gain. And in the process, we forget what we are losing.

Our life. A worthy life. A life that is all gain and no loss.

Have you wondered why everything is constantly becoming more complicated? Be it our relations, our jobs, our workouts, our health, our tax papers or our outlook of the world?

We want to travel the whole world and capture every moment in our high-definition cameras to post on social networks for all the likes and comments it can accumulate. Doesn’t the real living in the place get lost when all you can think of is how to take a better picture? Where are YOU in all this? Where is your soul?

The complications exist because we have become more complicated. We store so many views about all that we see and hear. Our minds have become corrupted just like computers when infected with virus that makes us inefficient in our ability to function properly and see our lives clearly. We complain, we bicker, we fight. There is a rage our minds are filled with now. We are thoroughly impatient with life. We are now oblivious to all the little joys that at some point in our lives filled us with bliss. How others view us is suddenly more important that how we view ourselves.

But how is the problem to be solved? The greatest error we make here is to look for answers that others can provide us with. The answer lies within ourselves. Before we go and find flaws in others and complain that they are not functioning properly, we need to first look at where our faults lie. We always know when we are wrong. All that is needed is a little bit of effort to improve our own doings. No one can tell us better than your own conscience where we are going wrong. We just need to look deeper within ourselves. We cannot always be correct. It is important to accept it otherwise we will never grow into better human beings. And when everyone makes those little steps towards improving themselves, there will be less of complaints and more of living. Happiness lies within us. And the more we free ourselves from meaningless tussles the more lively we will become. Let us slow down and live life. Let’s take in what we relish. There is no need to dash away with life. Life is really miraculous. Let us take our time and enable ourselves to witness those miracles. Let us not be lost to them. It only requires us to live with an open mind and be more unprejudiced. And for all those who don’t want to improve themselves, fight daily battles and do injustice onto others, let them live a life where they can never find peace and rot till death in a life that in its true sense can never be worthwhile. At the end all they will be left with is heartache, misery and a wasted life.



The magic of THREE IDIOTS

Three idiots, loosely based on Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone has garnered so much support and appreciation from the audience and critics alike. A story of a journey, down the memory lane as well as an actual one to find a lost friend really won our hearts with the powerful acting and brilliant dialogues.

Pia Sahastrabuddhe’s character played by Kareena Kapoor is captivating till the very end. Pia is confident, clever, quick-witted, loving and considerate. Kareena looked resplendent in the entire ‘Zoobi Doobi’ song, be it her pink lehenga, her wet orange saree or her gorgeous white dress. Each of her dresses complemented her fair skin tone. The whole song is lively and very entertaining. Kareena and Amir’s expressions really bring the song alive. Out of these three dresses my favourite look is the wet orange saree. Its simple yet sexy but not so overtly. The make up is just right. The scenes have been very well choreographed to bring out fun-filled and romantic elements.

The next dress that really won me over was the wedding dress that Pia wore when she had to get married to the abominable Suhas Tandon. That reddish-orange dress had a Pakistani feel to it. It was full sleeved with very detailed work. Only the color was what an Indian bride would choose to wear on her wedding day. Kareena has a heavy-set face with a broad jaw line. The V- neckline really suited her look. The ultimate scene is when Rancho’s (Amir Khan) dream comes true. She ditches Suhas at the last-minute. And for the final meeting she rides on a scooty in a wedding dress with a helmet and looks remarkable! It’s hard to imagine any normal woman in real life would have the courage to leave her marriage at the last moment to meet her lost lover and even more unbelievable is to see a fully dressed bride riding ap scooty with a helmet! I am yet to see or rather hear about one on the indian streets. But this is India..anything is possible!

TIPS for High-School Dates

IN High school?

Really like a guy? The high school years are the years when attraction between the youngsters is at its peak.

Mom and Dad are always after their children’s lives. Study, Study, Study !

They too must have faced this stage of fatal attraction in their time and the grandparents would have strongly advised them against it. Their time was different, their goals different. That was the time when men and women were not allowed to mingle too much socially. This is what I hear from most women in that age, including my own mother.

But the world has been steadily changing. India has now embraced the western culture.

Young boys and girls are out-going and immediately connect and feel free to talk on any topic that comes to their mind (yes, I mean ANY topic). They go out in groups, hit the club, dance and party. Apart from school, parties are another place for where the two sexes explore each others’ tendencies. Its always advisable to take things slowly. Remember, this is also the age which would decide which career path you will follow in the future.

Now coming back to the point…

Really like a cute guy in school? What’s more?! He too is interested in you?

Well, chances are that either of you would ask the other out for a date!

Let’s say, a date is planned! The worries begin…

What do I talk about? Should I gift him something? And the question that worries young girls the most! The DRESS! This or that! Short or Long! Colorful or Classy! These questions can really work up a girl’s mind. After all the teenage years are such! Even the tiniest pimple on the face can send the house flying.

The first thing you MUST remember ( advice that will be given to you by all your serious well-wishers), BE YOURSELF! A lot of times, it happens that we are so influenced by our peers and all our idols that we forget our own inner self. That inner self that is screaming out loud to be out in the open. NEVER ignore that voice. We people are not perfect. We all posses unique faults. But that is what gives us our own personality. Even those faults give us our uniqueness. Try correcting them. Always. But in the process, don’t alter yourself so much that you don’t remain YOU. When out on a date make sure you are displaying your true self.

Secondly, the DRESS. Remember, we are not out there only to impress. We are also out there to express. So wear a dress that is not showy. A dress that you feel the most comfortable and confident in. What is the point of the date if you are only a treat only to each others’ eyes and not each others’ mind? Wear a well ironed dress only highlighting that one aspect of yourself that you can flaunt with confidence. Lets say you have a good bone structure and want to highlight your neck area. Put on a sleeveless top that fits well (neither too tight, nor too loose). Match a nice pair of trouser or denims, or a long skirt (whichever suits your style). Avoid skin show (no matter how sleek and slim a body you have).

Thirdly, put your conversation skills to good use. Be interesting. Don’t indulge in meaningless gossip about school. The more you are able to engage him in a great discussion about all your likes and dislikes, about your real self, the more appealing he will find you. It’s a sad thing, but at this stage, sometimes boys and girls only want to display their partners as a trophy. Make sure you never become one. Make sure that if everything goes in the right direction, he is proud to have you as his girlfriend, not just for your looks but for the girl he admires for all the right reasons.

Fourthly. Accept the differences. There are two things that can happen. Either you both like each other and want to get to know more and continue the dates. Well, Congrats!

Or what might also happen is that you guys don’t have anything in common and don’t wish to know more of each other. What usually happens at this stage is that we want to readily give ourselves and others second chances. It’s a great idea. Except when it isn’t. Only you know how well the date proceeded. Only you can tell whether you will be able to bear the second date or not. So make this decision very carefully. NEVER think about what your friends will say. Let them say anything. If you don’t interfere in their life when it comes to making certain choices, no matter how good a friend one is, let them never influence your decision about such matters. Because they don’t know the person you have been with, and even if they do, it is only your, solely your opinion that matters.

The Last point. Keep your parents in the loop. I know this sounds scary. It is not easy to speak to parents about such things. Their prompt answer would be that it is not the right age and that you will have plenty of chances later in life for dating and stuff. Now is the time to explain to your parents. DO NOT get mad at them. They are your well wishers and they only want the best for you. Listen to them but also make your point carefully. What you need to ensure is that they have confidence in you. Explain to them that it will only be a simple coffee date with a guy you like. Tell them the truth about the guy. The complete truth. Explain that you will be safe and will return home within a reasonable deadline.

But if they are very much against it, don’t get into a heated argument. Explain it to the guy. ( It can only happen when the guy has asked you out for the date). This will give you a chance to see his reaction. If he is understanding, you really have a great choice. But if he is not and forces you to lie to your parents and make an excuse for the date then in my opinion, it’s a great thing you got to know this about him. Not a worthy catch!

So young ladies! Go out there and have your fun. But darling daughters…Don’t break the trust of those who believe in you.

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